Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Technology Leader


Your IT solutions need resources. Cloud, co-located, or on- premises it’s got to run somewhere and needs management.



People power the technology delivery and support processes. Keeping happy, motivated teams focused on delivering business value.


Cloud – AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience provides real value and time to market improvements.  Capital spending reductions helps your bottom line.



  • Hands on

  • Experienced

  • Technical Depth

  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • Team Player


Patrick is unlike any other manager. He is results oriented but flexible and adaptable. Not only is he a highly technical director (able to do system administrator work skilfully within Windows and Linux), but he is very involved in the details of the projects that he oversees and executes. He is able to make hard technical decisions not only because he understands the business case but also the technical details.

He is an expert at contract negotiation, SOX/PCI compliance, purchasing and cost control of a diverse IT infrastructure. He is able to implement and guide paradigm shifts like cloud hosted infrastructure within existing services.

Overall, he is a very pleasurable manager to work with and I would love to work with him again in the future! He has been a strategic asset for Rand McNally/Thomas Brothers and will be a wise sage of a director for any company he graces.
John Schmidt – Linkedin

John Schmidt, Nickelodeon
Patrick is a very smart guy. He is an expert in network engineering and administration. It was a pleasure to work for him. He would always make time to answer a technical question from one of his employees, no matter how busy he was. He is the kind of guy that works late into the night to get a project done. He would be a valuable asset in any organization.
David Easely – Linkedin
David Easely, Atos IT Solutions and Services, Inc.
Patrick is the best technology professional I have ever known. Period.

His team loves him: He has mastered the art of distance management… having responsibility for managing many teams across the country and offshore and best of all… he made my job easy. I say this after working with Patrick for about 10 years… each and every year being more impressive than the last regarding Patrick’s maturity and increased challenges with managing technology in a budget constrained environment.

I am proud to have worked with Patrick and words can’t express how highly I recommend him… although I am taking a crack at it here.
Kenneth Levin – Linkedin

Kenneth Levin, American Utility Management
Patrick is an IT Rockstar that I would reccomend to anyone concerned.
Gregory Schipper – Linkedin
Gregory Schipper, Media Professional